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EMC is great for companies renting or buying and selling equipment and/or merchandise. EMC is providing an easy way for the consumer and the vendor to communicate their needs to each other. To create a faster and more efficient way to accurately bid equipment cost, and track the daily success of their bids. To provide invaluable information about equipment they own, and also any rental equipment on your jobs. Real cost information that is now on real time. Thanks to technology, EMC offers contractor's new ways to recover monetary losses due to under utilized equipment in their fleet. Today companies are so busy on their own mission of constructing that their equipment management time is limited. EMC has lived the frustrations and recognized and created a simple and easy way to manage, rent, buy, sell and track equipment.

The designers of EMC have over twenty years in the construction equipment industry. Twelve years of this experience as owner/operator of a construction equipment rental company, combined with managing equipment for multi-million dollar sub and general contractors. The combination of working both as a consumer and vendor gave us the experience to realize the need for a simple but good equipment managing tool. EMC provides new paths of communication, and complete product information library to help you make better divisions. New ways of Communication can create more profits and develops a healthier relationship between consumers and the vendors.

EMC has provided a new platform and formula for both consumer and vendor to communicate their needs, while developing an open and inviting partnership. With today's fast paced business, and the use of technology and the World Wide Web, EMC created tools badly needed so the consumer and the vendor would be able to share valuable amounts of unique and qualified information, to save them both considerable amounts of time and money.

EMC was created to be a part time or full time managing tool for any size company that wants to save time and money. Having competitive information on jobs and projecting costs on equipment is a must in today's market. EMC has the only tool available today to uniquely join the consumer and the vender together on much more competitive level. Now everybody can save time and money while producing a profitable and predictable result.
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