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EMC was created to be a part time or full time managing tool for any size company wanting to save time and money. Having competitive information on jobs and projecting costs on equipment is a must in today's market. EMC has the only tool available today to uniquely join the consumer and the vender together on much more competitive level. Now everybody can save time and money while producing a profitable and predictable result. EMC guarantees to improve the bottom line profits of your company.

To find out if EMC is right for your company, please visit our "How EMC Works" section using the button at the top right. Each area of the EMC website has been tailored to the unique needs of the consumer, or vendor, using it. With features like real-time tracking of job budgets to the ability to instantly determine the location of each piece of equipment in your inventory, EMC has the tools to make your job easier. While you're looking over the "How EMC Works" section, make sure to click on "Interactive Guide" next to each heading to get a real view of what EMC offers.

Ready to dive right in and take a tour of the site? Log in, using the information to the right, as either a consumer or a vendor and get a glimpse of the inner workings of EMC. Our carefully constructed company models make it easy for you to see the value of becoming an EMC member. Register today.
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